Laser Marking
Leave your mark on the world
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Laser Marking

How do you leave your mark in the world? It’s simple, let us help you do it!   With our Precision Lasers, we can help you show your mark!  Whether you want to mark metals, wood, plastics, acrylics, our lasers can handle a multitude of processes and materials to suit whatever message you want to say as an individual or business.  Our team can create a custom piece for you with just a few ideas or you can bring us a file already made and ready to go and we will mark the material of your choice.  Our processes include: Annealing, Polishing (Burnishing), Color Change, & Foaming.

What Is Laser Marking?​

Laser Marking is where the beam is interacting with the surface of the material and slightly altering its properties or appearance. Types of marking are Annealing, Polishing, Foaming, Color Change:
  • Annealing is the process by which the surface of a material is heated to just below its melting point in order to create oxide layers on the surface.
  • Polishing (Burnishing) is a process where the laser’s intensity is reduced to ensure the lightest marking intensity possible. This creates a mirror-like oxidized surface layer without removing any actual surface material.
  • Color Change uses the energy of the laser beam to alter the molecular structure of the piece, making a visible change in the color of the plastic substrate without damaging the surface of the material.
  • Foaming uses the energy of the laser beam to alter the molecular structure of the piece, making a visible change in the color of the substrate, without damaging the surface of the material. Foaming is similar to color changing, however the process actually raises the level of the material so it appears like a foam on the surface of the plastic.
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We Are a “Cut Above” the Competition!​

We at Triad Express Laser & Engraving pride ourselves on being a “cut above” the competition.  Our attention to detail and efforts to provide the best in customer service and project quality help us to ensure that we do it one better than the rest.  Our Laser Marking, Laser Cutting, & Laser Engraving services are a testament to these efforts.

Custom Options​

Not sure what you may need?  We would consider it our honor to help you with your project.  Some special projects may require several of the techniques above to achieve your desired outcome.  Our team is dedicated to presenting you with the best options for your project including options for the best materials and methods to use.  With our process, you will be aware of each step as we take them and have full approval of your project prior to the work being started. We pride ourselves in continuing to learn and hone our craft so that you truly benefit from our expertise.

So, bring us your designs, materials, or even just an idea and we will work out the details together.  Communication is a big part of what we do to ensure that you are getting the quality you deserve.  Our process is set up so that you are the centerpiece of it all.  We, Triad Express Laser & Engraving, are dedicated to providing quality services that is one better than the rest.

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